Beta Testing


Beta testing provides controlled exposure of items in a new test bank to individuals of differing ability levels. The beta candidates are administered all items in a new test bank. After a sufficient number of beta test candidates complete the test, psychometricians analyze the beta test data. This is known as beta analysis. The range of candidate ability levels provides a basis for decisions to be made using the beta analysis results.

How is Beta Testing performed?

All items in the new test bank are administered to a group of beta candidates. This test administration is almost always done in a secure testing environment. The test owner (organization) chooses both the group of beta candidates and the beta test administration environment.

What outcomes should you expect from Beta Testing?

    1. An item bank with appropriately exposed test items that include beta test statistics
    2. A basis for selecting items for potential use on test forms
    3. An item bank ready to be organized into test forms

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