Domain Analysis


The Domain Analysis determines the overall structure of the testing program within a specific domain, identifying the total number of exams and how those exams should be structured and hierarchically grouped. This analysis identifies the components (or sub-domains or systems) that comprise the domain and analyzes the similarities, differences, and other variables that may exist among all the components.

How is a Domain Analysis Performed?

The Domain Analysis can be conducted in either a face-to-face workshop or in a virtual workshop setting with six to fifteen Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The workshop usually requires 2-3 days of meetings, SME group input and discussion, and documentation.

What outcomes should you expect from a Domain Analysis?

  1. Hierarchal map of certification structure
  2. High-level requirements for each certification track
  3. Test definition documents for each identified exam
    1. Purpose of the exam
    2. Description of intended audience
    3. Definition of the minimally-competent candidate
    4. Broad content descriptions (section headings)
    5. High-level competency requirements
  4. Documentation of the meeting, including BIOs of attendees, location and date of meeting, decisions, relevant background documentation.

How can CMS help your organization?

If your organization is in need of a Domain Analysis or other testing services, please contact us at your earliest convenience. At CMS, your success is our success.