Item Development


Upon completion of item writing training, the subject matter experts are ready to begin writing the test items. There are a number of strategies that we can employ to help them author the test items. Regardless of the strategy, CMS makes available to all of its clients the use of its Web-based item development and item banking tool, AUTHORWise™. This tool simplifies the authoring process and provides excellent item banking capabilities.

How is Item Development Done?

Item writers work independently or collaboratively to write test items that align with the corresponding test objective. This alignment is critical. It ensures that test items support the test objectives and, hence, meet the requirements of the test blueprint.

What outcomes should you expect from an Item Development project?

Outcomes from an Item Development project normally include:

    1. Test items that align with specified test objectives.
    2. An item bank that meets the requirements of the test blueprint.

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