Item Writing Training


Based on the latest research in regard to maximizing the effectiveness and information obtained from test items, CMS has created a training course to instruct subject matter experts on how to write effective test items. Various strategies and job aids are provided to the subject matter experts in an effort to simplify the writing process and improve the performance of the final items.

How is Item Writing Training Implemented?

  1. Using a live webinar format
  2. In an in-person (on location) workshop
  3. Accessing Online Training (OLT) with individual coaching follow up

What outcomes should you expect from an Item Writing Training service?

Outcomes from an Item Writing Training service normally include:

    1. A clear understanding of the role of item writers and the standards that their item writing contributions need to meet
    2. Clear descriptions of and access to processes, schedules, resources, expertise, and tools that will assist item writers in their efforts to create relevant and useable content. These can include training guides, job aids, psychometric standards relevant to item writing, and online tools to facilitate writing, collaborating, and submitting content.

How can CMS help your organization?