Forensic Analysis


When candidates successfully cheat on tests, they do more than just obtain a certification for which they are otherwise unqualified.  They undermine the validity of the entire testing or credentialing program. When an individual cannot perform at the level to which they are certified, managers will ignore that credential when hiring or advancing others.  When applicants learn the certification makes no difference in their efforts to become employed or advance in their chosen careers, they will not make the extra effort to obtain the credential.  The entire program suffers. CMS can analyze test results to detect various kinds of cheating, helping to maintain the validity of your testing program.

What outcomes should you expect from a Forensic Analysis service?

CMS analyzes item-level candidate response data across test forms and by testing location to look for records that are too similar to have occurred by chance or with testing times that are too fast to have allowed for an adequate reading of test items.  We flag latency patterns that indicate time spent memorizing specific test items for later posting to ‘test dump’ sites.   We use Error Similarity Analysis to flag possible copied or memorized answers.  Each anomalous record is highlighted and isolated as well as presented in context so as to best demonstrate the nature of the anomaly. This allows test sponsors to better understand the extent of any possible collusion and any threat to the validity of the exam.

How can CMS help your organization?