Blueprint Survey Module


Blueprint Survey Module

AUTHORWise Blueprint Survey provides simple steps to create a test blueprint survey and to distribute the survey, track survey outcomes by bank, section, and objective, and monitor demographic question results and user comments. This module allows test administrators to immediately see the impact of SME responses on the test blueprint.


The AUTHORWise Blueprint Survey Module™ general features allow users to

  • Create survey instruments specific to a bank
  • Choose multiple response-type options (radio button, check box, text/open response, etc.)
  • Indicate target number of submissions
  • Set an end date
  • Enter a description of the survey purpose(s)
  • Customize and track multiple survey ratings (i.e., importance, relevance, frequency) and collect comments
  • Import exam sections and testing objectives from a bank, or independently organize sections and objectives
  • Generate reports on the blueprint analysis, survey respondents, comments, and demographics, and pdf of full survey instrument

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