Forms Build and Equating


For security purposes, many tests sponsors desire to have multiple forms (or versions) of their exams. Based on the statistical analysis, described above, CMS can build balanced, equated forms from the larger pool of beta items. Forms are balanced in content, difficulty, discriminating ability and amount of time required for candidates to complete them. For existing testing programs that already have operational forms of an exam and want to create new forms, we can equate the new form to the existing benchmark form. The goal is to ensure fairness to candidates, regardless of which form they are given.

What outcomes should you expect from a Forms Build and Equating service?

Forms Build and Equating normally includes:

    1. For new forms, psychometric recommendation and statistical data on all items used on test forms
    2. For equating forms, psychometric recommendation and statistical data on new test forms to be used along with existing operational forms
    3. Fairness for test candidates regardless of which test form (version) they might receive in a testing setting

How can CMS help your organization?