Product Release – 08-20-2021 @ 9pm MT

We will release a new version of AUTHORWise on August 20, 2021, starting at 9:00 PM Mountain Time. The release will take approximately 2 hours, during which systems will be offline (including Desktop Application Services, Web Authoring, Reporting, Review Events, Blueprint Surveys, TESTWise, and Data Management). We will focus on test delivery services first, so that we can bring them back online as quickly as possible (while we finish the other release tasks).

Noteworthy Enhancements:

  • Item banks can have their own dedicated topics (e.g., for images).
  • Users can be assigned to a folder (of item banks) to reduce the number of users that are visible within those item banks.
  • Test publishing has admin notes, break sections, and utilizes new configuration options in the Caveon test driver.
  • Test delivery has a test admin module, which shows scheduling and registration data and has tools to aid with customer support.

Special Note: Scheduling a proctor at Examity has been suspended for August 20th and 21st to prevent candidates from scheduling an exam during the downtime. Existing appointments on these two days are unaffected.