2021-08-02 : Unplanned Outage

There was an issue that caused our web applications to be intermittently unresponsive for 5 minutes starting at 3:02PM Mountain Time. In some cases, users may have seen a Server 500 error. We were alerted about the issue at 3:02PM by our internal monitoring system, and took immediate action to diagnose and remedy the issue

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2021-07-28 : Unplanned Outage

There was an issue today at the Caveon datacenter (our test delivery partner). The issue started at 10:00:05AM MDT and was resolved at 10:15:54AM MDT. Caveon’s systems alerted them of the issue, which they immediately communicated, investigated, and resolved. During the 15 min 49 sec of the outage, TESTWise was unable to communicate with Caveon.

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